DSLR Tripod
DSLR Tripod
DSLR Tripod
i phone / Smart Phone Tripod
i Pod Tripod
Takeway T1 Clampod Tripod

It holds any electronic product that weighs less than 3 kg, such as camcorder, DSLR, smartphone, and tablet computer. It can also be used as a speedlight or microphone stand.

A ballhead with a quick release plate allows you to mount any electronic product quickly. The ballhead rotates in 360 degrees. You can also install other heavy ballheads for a higher weight load capacity.

A soft plastic handle and precise screw allow you to screw in tight the clamp easily.

Holds fast and never loosens

The cubic jaw with three kinds of tread make the clamp steadier and easier to be fixed.

The maximum load capacity of the clamp is 40 kg. The clamp is made of the aerospace-grade aluminium alloy, which makes the clamp much lighter but stronger than the other products. It is only half the size of an iPad.

A stand that is easy to be stored offers a firm support to the clamp.

Selfie Tripod

Feel free and at ease even when alone

Why hand hold a selfie stick? T1 Clampod can be clamped to a pole or a flat edge, and it can stand on its own. It can be used in different places and it allows you to take a unique selfie easily in any kind of situation. Selfie made easy

Family Selfie Tripod

Capture a nice memory of your family day

In every family holiday activity, the innocence of children is always the center of fun. Let Takeway T1 clampod help you record every happy moment of your family day.

i Pod Tripod

Let Takeway T1 give you a hand

The base coming with the other accessories provides a firm support to use a smartphone or tablet and allows you to operate it with one hand. It is quick, easy, and efficient, and allows you to finish your work without being disturbed.

lover Selfie Tripod

The best witness for lovers

Lying on a white sandy beach under a clear blue sky with your beloved one; for such a romantic world, you don’t need others but just Takeway T1.

Team Selfie Tripod

An easier way to take a group photo

A better way to take a group photo. No more trouble or fuss of someone going missing on the frame. With Takeway T1 you won't leave out any friends anymore.

DSLR Tripod

A great talent

Professional photographers always want to get the best images, but often lack a hand helping them. The strong clamping power of Takeway T1 provides the best support for every angle you care.

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